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Arizona State President's Message

Ross Lampert
2012-2013 President
This is my last message as State President--in fact, I'm not even the State President any more, Joe Marvin from the Frank Luke Chapter in Glendale is, but I wanted to add one quick thing from before I stepped down to become the Southwest Region President, and that's a picture of four of the five Arizona AFA members who attended the National Convention and Air and Space Conference in the Washington, D.C., area in September. From left to right, that's Joe, Barbara Yazdandoost from the Tucson Chapter, George Castle from the Cochise Chapter, and yours truly.

AZ AFA National Convention delegates

One more thing: sequestration hurt the U.S. economy, and the government shutdown is doing the same thing. It's also hurting the U.S. Air Force. I urge each of you to write your Senators and Congressman or Congresswoman and tell them sequestration is the wrong way to deal with the federal government's genuine and serious budget problems and the shutdown isn't a productive way to deal with the disagreements Republicans and Democrats currently have over health care and other issues. Contact information for all U.S. Senators is available here. Contact information for U.S. Representatives is available here.

- Ross Lampert

Updated 10/4/2013


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